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The new line of contouring sticks is part of this simpler aesthetic too, with a monochrome design and branding, a layer of shrink-wrapping, then a simple plastic sleeve package reminiscent of on-trend Korean beauty products. “I wanted products that I can have on my counter that look cool, that blend in,” she explains. The Crème Contour & Highlighting Kit consists of double-ended sticks and a combination brush/sponge applicator, and is aimed at making contouring simple and approachable. “My vibe lately for the past year or so has been a little bit lighter on the makeup,” she says, “but the one thing that’s aways been the same is I’ve always contoured.”

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West


It’s not just in decor and makeup that Kim’s gone more minimal. For West’s fortieth birthday recently, the couple went offline, touring Tokyo in hoodies and attracting absolutely zero attention—a tough thing to achieve when Kardashian has 101 million Instagram followers alone. “It was amazing,” she says. “I still film my life every day on a reality show, but it’s not Kanye’s job to be on the show. So at birthday time—we’re taking off two weeks.”

Obviously, with that much of a social media presence, Kardashian deals with plenty of unpleasant attention, along with the positive variety. During an appearance on The View this week, she said people had manipulated recent vacation photos of her in a bathing suit, and “sharpened” the focus on her thighs to make her look as bad as possible. “It’s honestly so hard,” she admits now. “Just this courage that they get from their keyboard, that they can just write anything just to hurt people’s feelings or to be nasty, I just would never take the time to write something bad to someone. Just why? It’s going to hurt their feelings and I just wasn’t raised like that.” But while she’s become somewhat used to this, Kardashian says she fears for others. “It really does have to stop,” she says, “because, okay, I can handle it, but you see more and more every day what the effects of cyberbullying are. I hope there’s some kind of solution.”

Kardashian has survived negative criticism, she says, by keeping a strong grounding outside of social media, and she suggests others do the same. “You really have to find happiness outside of the internet. You can have so much fun connecting with so many people around the world. That is so much fun, but use it for that. I love that I have all my friends outside of my show that I grew up with, and my sisters. Have a real life too,” she advises, “just make sure you have your balance, because that’s what’s so important. Everything in life is balance.”

She’s right. On the way out, I’m presented with KKW Beauty contouring sticks and a Lumee phone case with built-in flattering lighting and as I climb into my low-fi, unwashed car, I figure I’m grounded enough to enjoy some nice make-up and the occasional well-lit selfie.