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Kim Kardashian and Pat McGrath Just Dropped a Makeup Music Video


Those anticipating the next launch from Pat McGrath Labs, Dark Star 006, can rejoice. McGrath blessed makeup Stans with a limited run of her forthcoming eye kit collection (out April 11th) earlier this evening, but supplies won’t last long. McGrath took to Instagram to announce the pre-sale with a video starring her newest muse, Kim Kardashian. Click to watch Kim K play beauty vlogger with Dark Star 006 to the sound of Kanye’s “Street Lights.”

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Dark Star 006 will be available starting at 12pm ET on April 11 at

The Skincare Advice Pharrell Gave Teyana Taylor


ShutterstockSansho Scott+BFA+REX

Teyana Taylor is waist-deep in a pair of Isabel Marant boots. She’s flanked by Scott Studenberg of Baja East and a seamstress, who are both arranging the singer in a mini-dress that will later become her CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards look. Taylor’s 2-year-old daughter Junie grabs for her hem, while the trio negotiates the space where boots end and dress begins. “I need another bellini,” Taylor says to someone, and a cube of peach-flavored gummies appears.

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Last year, the dancer body that Taylor has always inhabited became a pop culture obsession after her role in Kanye West’s “Fade” video, (which featured a cameo by her husband, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Iman Shumpert and baby Junie). Not long after, Taylor launched an online fitness program titled fittingly, Fade2Fit. If you’re looking for the nutritional math behind her impossible proportions, her distaste for health food is heavily documented at this point. “I eat the same thing that I’ve been eating since I was a little girl–waffles, pancakes, things that I grew up on,” she says. When given the choice, she favors flavor over texture. Ketchup and onion powder? Yes. Calamari and tomatoes? Hard pass. “I love baking cakes, frying chicken, cornbread, collard greens, mac and cheese.”

With her CFDA dress alterations out of the way, and Junie asleep–which is no small feat–Taylor can begin getting ready for her appearance at the first annual Revolve Awards, a process that’s been significantly streamlined since she cut her hair short. “I don’t ever want to grow my hair back,” she says. “It’s so crazy because at 16 with all the hair that I had, it was like, ‘no I don’t ever want to cut my hair’–it’s crazy how you change when you become a woman, not even just a mom. You start to grow up and you realize that it’s just hair.” In Cleveland, Taylor sees a stylist named Edith out of Bangs salon, which specializes in short hair. “Every time I left her salon, it was like ‘I lost an inch.’ Now she calls me Baldie because I won’t grow it back.”


The idea of Taylor eating kid food and visiting a salon might seem exceptionally regular, but that’s part of who she is—and not in a deliberate, celebrity-cultivating-relatability sense. She still gets starstruck. She wore a T-shirt with Janet Jackson’s face on it to meet Janet Jackson. And she cried real, not-for-Instagram, Janet-induced tears. “She really changed my life in so many ways and I’m just happy I got to finally meet her,” says Taylor, who channelled Jackson’s 1995 MTV Video Music Awards look at this year’s ceremony. The decision rubbed certain people the wrong way, but Taylor took it in stride. “It’s one thing to pay homage and it’s another thing to just imitate and try to run with it like it’s yours or even look down upon a person that you got it from.”

One thing that’s not-so regular? Her beauty routine. It was Pharrell Williams who taught her the importance of a rigorous exfoliating regimen when they first met years ago— “It sounds like he’s exfoliating three times a day,” she remembers. Taylor is a beauty expert in her own right who would rather mix up her own fragrances than smell of one you can easily identify, like—”oh, that’s Flowerbomb.” There’s a science to her scent layering, a specific blend of Neutrogrena Sesame Oil and Kiehl’s Musk Lotion cut with YSL’s Black Opium dry oil. Her friends call her Jimmy Neutron because she’s always mixing up new things. “I think I need to just create my own concoctions and slap my name on there and get it popping,” she says, and if the success of Fade2Fit is any indication, beauty conglomerates should pay attention. Taylor shops for ingredients like Shea butter, black soap, and coconut oil at the beauty supply stores in Harlem where she grew up. “Places like Target and CVS are trying to get Shea butter, but nothing is going to be as good as the hood shit.”

Teyana Taylor wears the NBD X Revolve Aldon Gown, $238; SHOP

Sleeping In on Weekends Could Have a Surprising Benefit


If your weeknight sleep schedule leaves you feeling downright exhausted by the time Friday rolls around, the last thing you want to hear is that catching up on sleep on weekends is no good for your health, as states recent research from the University of Arizona in Tucson that throws shade at the practice for raising your risk of heart disease. Boo!

Good news: Emerging research recently published in the journal Sleep suggests that sleeping in on weekends could actually have some benefits, thank you very much. For the study, researchers based in South Korea compared the sleep habits of 2,156 adults to their body mass indexes (BMI). (Refresher: BMI is a tool medical experts use to access a person’s weight relative to their height, and to identify potential health risks linked to obesity, including Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

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On average, researchers found, those who slept too little throughout the week and caught up on sleep on the weekends had slightly lower BMIs (22.8) than those who slept too little and did not compensate on weekends. Their BMIs averaged 23.1, which is statistically significant, since every extra hour of weekend sleep equated to 0.12 lower BMI.

This could have something to do with the fact that people who catch up on sleep on weekends clock more total hours of shut-eye, and getting too little of it can disrupt your hormones and metabolism in a way that sets the stage for potential side effects, including obesity, according to the study authors. Meanwhile, sleep experts uphold that the more you sleep, the better, since you’re more likely to practice healthy habits, like exercising and making smart food choices, when you’re well-rested.

Because adjusting your sleep schedule to accommodate your social life (or Netflix habits) can throw off your body’s natural circadian rhythm, resulting in worse health, moodiness, and fatigue, it’s still preferable to hit the sack and wake up around the same times regardless of the day, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which recommends clocking at least seven hours of sleep a night with regularity.

TL;DR:If you can’t get sufficient sleep on weeknights, catching up on weekends could be your next best bet — at least when it comes to keeping your BMI in check. “Weekend sleep extension may have biological protective effects in preventing sleep-restriction induced or related obesity,” the authors conclude in their study. Although their findings prove correlation, not causation, and more research is needed, the results are ever more reason to live your best life on Friday and Saturday nights, and not to worry about hitting the snooze button on those lazy weekend mornings.

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Kim Kardashian Has the Same Lazy-Girl Makeup Habits You Do


Kim Kardashian West is a beauty icon—and now, thanks to the official launch of her makeup line KKW Beauty, a beauty mogul—but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her fair share of beauty missteps.

“Oh God, it’s so fun to look back at old pictures from like seven or eight years ago and I sometimes want to cringe when I look at the different makeup looks that I did,” she said at the KKW Beauty launch party at her L.A. home. “I don’t know what Mario and I were thinking when we used to do such a white under-eye―I mean, we used to really white it out. So we have a concealer kit coming out and I feel like I’ve really perfected that now.”

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And concealer isn’t the only new product Kim’s adding to her beauty line to join her (now sold out) contour kits. “I’m going to focus on skin in the beginning and stuff I feel like I really perfected over the years, like concealer. I have a couple products that I think just really perfect the under-eye. We’re going to do powder contour as well—I just really want to start off with skin.”

“I’m excited for when we start our concealers because we are putting anti-aging components in the formulas,” she explained. “I think that’s really important and what I’m really going to gear towards. I think any time you can add that in to makeup, and partner skincare and makeup, I think that’s really important. I’m obsessed with every last cream and stuff that we can do to help our skin, so I think that’s a really cool combination.”


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Jun 20, 2017 at 2:59pm PDT

But even with a whole beauty lab at her fingertips, Kim said that the one beauty ritual she can’t live without is the same as ours on our tiredest days. “I sometimes get so lazy at night after putting the kids to bed that I just cannot wash my face, and I always have makeup wipes,” she admitted. “So I’ll do that instead of washing my face. I love Neutrogenathe lavender pack or the blue pack, those are my favorite.”

I Made My Own Wig (and it Looks Amazing)


Rule No. 3: Find Your Fit

If your piece is too big, it will move unnecessarily—yet if it’s too small, anticipate one too many headaches. Avoid the drama and measure your head with a flexible measurement. “First, flatten your hair back to get an accurate measurement,” explains founder and creator of Araya NYC and Emmy award-winning hairstylist, Hadiiya Barbel, whose custom crowns (i.e. wigs) price in the thousands for good reason. Her celebs clients include Lion Babe, Tika Sumpter, Taraji P. Henson (for the February 2016 cover of ELLE), Wendy Williams, and Kim Zolciak, to name a few.

“Starting in front at your natural hairline, follow along your hairline just above your ear. Next, continue around to the back at the bend in your neck and over your other ear, and around to the front where you started. Measure from the front of your natural hairline back over the crown to the bend where your head meets the top of your neck. Then, start in front of one ear, bringing your tape measure over the crown to the front of your other ear [to determine your cap size].”

Rule No. 4: Meet Your Match (or Not!)

The actual texture of the hair you select is 100% on you. “This is a tricky question [to answer] because some people want convenience and some people want hair that matches their natural hair,” explains Wright who shares more of her coveted techniques in this video.

“If you want something easier to maintain then you should go for a body wave or natural wave. If you want a more textured look, which will require more work, I would go for a kinky texture or deep wave. It just really depends how much work you want to put in.” Duly noted.

Rule No. 5: Remember, Both Sh*t and Shedding Happens

While all of my interviewed experts have different techniques, one thing that unified them was the fact that shedding is inevitable. The baseline? The more you wear a wig, the more it will shed. The less you wear it, the less it will shed.

“You can’t really stop a wig from shedding because it isn’t really attached to a scalp, it’s attached to a weft,” explains Peakmill. The one factor in reducing shedding is sealing the weft of your wig. Her other advice? “Try not to comb your hair so hard when detangling or when it’s too wet.”

Rule No. 6: Lights Out, Wig Off

As tempting as it might be to trick your lover/homie/friend, if you want your wig to last you’ll have to shelf it during bedtime. “[It’s] always best to take off at night to preserve the life of the hair,” explains Barbel. “You can have ‘fun’ in synthetic versions, which will fall back into shape easily.”

Other than that, plan on taking off more than your nightgown and placing your wig on a head form when you aren’t wearing it. “You may want to have a beautiful scarf nearby if you have a boyfriend !” adds Wright, who for the record, takes hers off nightly.

Drake’s Personal Trainer on the Rapper’s Evolution and the Best Hangover Workout


If you’re a die-hard Drake fan (or someone who simply follows him on Instagram) you most likely remember the exact moment you realized the rapper’s body had gone from soft to swole—in what would seem over night.

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But as we all know, good things don’t come that easy. The body in those Instagram photos didn’t come to be courtesy of Flat Tummy Tea and a few sit ups. No, Drake teamed up with Jonny Roxx, a certified personal trainer who had a rather insane body transformation of his own, and worked for years to get that bod.

At the launch of GapFit Sculpt, I sat down with Roxx (and Drake’s choreographer Tanisha Scott) to talk abs, arms, and how to workout with a hangover.

Drake has had this amazing transformation, which a lot of people look at and think happened in like a week. But tell me about how long it really took.

JR: We have goals, you know? It’ll take sometimes six months for us to get to a goal, sometimes we’re working at it and it takes us a year. But for him to get to where he is, we’ve just been literally working at his fitness for maybe three or four years consistently. I give him the time to have breaks, some time off, because [he’s] working on his album, traveling, touring. But we’ve been working consistently for three years to get to where he is. We’re just focused on getting him healthy. We’re not really focused on three months, a six pack, or this and that. If he has something that he has to do, whether it’s a magazine cover or a movie role or something like that, we’ll get ready for that, but for the most part I’m just trying to keep the wheels turning on him.

That’s wild. Speaking of touring—what sort of workouts would you suggest if you’re tired or if you’re hungover?

JR: I would suggest anything that’s gonna force you to move, you know? Whether you come take a class here at Rumble, whether you get up and do some push ups and burpees, or run around the block or around your house. Just get moving, get out there, do something. Because you’ll feel better afterwards, I promise you that. Even if you go for a run or bike ride, do something.

Tanisha Schott, Jonny Roxx, and Rumble co-founder Noah Neiman

Right. Don’t just marathon Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Let’s talk about abs. How do I get abs like Drake?

JR: It starts with food. If you’re intaking the right amount of food, burning the right calories, you’re gonna be able to show your muscle tone. You’ve heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen.” I agree with that, but it’s also a combination of the right core movements and core strength that you have to implement. Whether you’re doing crunches or planks, these are the kind of things that are gonna increase your core strength. But you also have to couple that with cardio and the right eating so you can show these muscles.

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Cardio. Like dancing, right Tanisha?

Tanisha Scott: Definitely dancing is cardio. From my perspective, it’s just whatever moves that you do, you have to do these challenging moves that just switch it up. I think Jonny will attest to this too. Not doing the same thing over and over again, but you’re your body. So in one part of the routine maybe there’s jumping, [and then] you get on the ground, and then you spin here. Using all different parts of your body. You’ll be like, ‘Oh, I’m actually working out,’ and you don’t even realize it. It’s kind of a mind trick.

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This Brilliant Student Used His Nails to Hide Physics Equations


Beauty innovations can come from anywhere–even a physics classroom. Twitter user @glxzwdwyws (who just goes by “Andrw” in his bio) has gone viral after sharing photos of himself using his long nails to help him cheat on his physics exam. He wrote formulas in teeny, tiny print and pasted them to his nails’ underside–you’d never guess by just looking at them from the front:


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Each of his tweets have thousands of retweets–just one of them has 290K likes, 101K retweets and counting. It might’ve already made its way to his teacher, though he seems to have a sense of humor about the possibility.

my notifications wont stop growing and my phone cant handle it so i had to silence them rip
im sure my physhics teacher alredy saw this lmao

— andrw (@glxzwdwyws) June 18, 2017

Whether or not you can get behind cheating, you have to admit you’re impressed.

Meet the Instagrammers Testing Makeup for Women of Color


When all you see is an online photo of a makeup palette, it doesn’t tell you much. It’s impossible to know if a new shade of eye shadow or lipstick will really look good IRL, especially since most websites use digitally-rendered swatches for darker skin tones. That’s why women are taking matters into their own hands on Instagram, swatching makeup so women of color find their matches.

“I wanted to create a resource to have all swatches on complexions that were more like mine in one place,” says Ofunne Amaka, the woman who runs @cocoaswatches and its app, “Some people don’t even buy anything before they see it on my page.” Since launching two years ago, she’s amassed nearly 88,000 followers eager to see how the latest launches look on deep skin and discover new brands.

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“Even on so many of the brand pages, I always would wonder: Where are the swatches for people who look like me?” Osase Emokpae, who founded @browngirlfriendly in April 2016, tells, “Why should brown girls and boys be forced to use their imaginations to figure out how a makeup product might look on us?” There’s clearly a need for these online spaces–back in April when Forbes released its first-ever list of Top Beauty Influencers, of the 10 named, nine were fair-skinned.

People of color matter, our opinions matter, our money matters.

“It’s definitely difficult. Sometimes I feel left out of the conversation because I’m catering to a certain market,” Amaka says in regards to brand partnership opportunities, “The people that I’m helping is what helps me keep going, and validates me to keep going. To relieve that frustration for some people so makeup can be fun is a really good feeling.”

From color payoff, to texture, to different price ranges–these swatch Instagrams cover it all. They, along with other women of color-focused accounts like @darkskinnedmakeupdaily, @indiemakeup4coloredgirls and @makeupforwomenofcolor, don’t only provide a service but build a community. Every post has comments full of tips, suggestions, and all-around positive feedback.

“I wanted to show that these products could look amazing on real brown skin and not a computer-generated image,” Emokpae says, “People of color matter, our opinions matter, our money matters. We have a seat at the table and if nobody includes us, we have to find a way to include ourselves.”

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Body After Having a Baby Is to Get Naked in Front of a Bunch of Other Women


It was two in the afternoon on a Wednesday and my friend Emily and I were standing in between a row of brown lockers. Both of us had new babies at home and childcare that day, so with feelings of equal parts guilt and glee we found a Groupon and set off for Spa Castle, the Korean spa complex (or K-Spa) in Flushing.

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The massive, four-level structure has been around since 2007 and contains a Korean eatery, outdoor pools, wet and dry saunas, reflexology rooms, and nap rooms (yes, really!). The best floor, in my opinion, is the first floor—or, as I like to call it, the naked floor. The naked floor is separated into sections for men and women and contains multiple mineral pools set at varying temperatures with jets positioned to target and massage different areas of the body. You must be naked to use these pools. (And yes, you are required to shower first!)

Getting naked in front of strangers is a daunting proposition whether or not you’ve just had a baby. While stripping down and hanging out in a sauna or pool or bath house is commonplace in many cultures (Korea, Turkey, and Germany immediately come to mind) American prudishness manifests in spas and pools as a very covered up (and oftentimes in the dark) experience. “Unlike American style spas that correlate unwinding with an expensive solo massage in a dark room, the Korean spa experience is an all-day affair in the presence of others,” Charlotte Cho, co-founder and chief curator of Korean beauty site SokoGlam, tells me. “Whether it be your parents or kids, and even your grandparents, everyone takes part in the warm embrace of a Korean sauna that will relax your mind, body and soul.” In fact, if you are modest or shy at a K-Spa, Cho says you’ll stand out. “There is no shame associated with being completely nude or baring it all,” Cho says. “On the flip side, you’re more likely to be judged for being shy about going nude. Most people go to the Korean sauna at such a young age, nudity in a sauna is the norm.”

It took me years to appreciate my body. I was very skinny when I was a teen and remember thinking that I’d never get boobs or be able to wear bike shorts that were tight around my thighs, as was the style in the early ’90s (and, sigh, again now). My thighs just floated inside them. I never did get boobs but I did grow into my body and really began to embrace it by my mid 20s. It was a body that let me eat just about whatever I wanted without gaining weight, a body with a perky tush, and, it turned out, lots of clothes look good on a flat chest.

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The pools at Spa Castle

Courtesy Spa Castle

So there we were, Emily and I, ready to disrobe. There was a slight pause—an unstated acknowledgement that we were about to bare our postpartum bodies to each other. I’d given my body over to my new baby: It was hers whenever she wanted it. I had boobs for the first time in my life (little ones! But enough that I had to wear a bra) and a stomach pooch for the first time too. And thighs that could fill out a pair of bike shorts (if I chose to revisit the look). I liked my new body, but it didn’t entirely feel like my own anymore. Emily and I pulled our shirts off and burst out laughing at each other’s hideous nursing bras. The tension broken, we set out for the naked pools.

When you’re around lots of naked bodies it’s clear that bodies are just bodies.

The naked pools at Spa Castle at 2pm on a Wednesday were very chill: not too crowded, occupied mostly by older women who seemed to have a familiarity with the spa and a routine to their plunging in various pools. I love going anywhere at off-peak hours when it’s not crowded but the appeal here in the naked pools at Spa Castle was less about the ample space to move around in and more about the body acceptance it fostered. Because when you’re around lots of naked bodies it’s clear that bodies are just bodies: they’re not as aspirational-ly toned and Photoshopped as they appear on Instagram. Rather, they’re round and flat and hard and soft and bony and dimpled and scarred. They’re beautiful and tell stories of the incredible things that they’ve done and lived through, including given birth over and over again.

I felt at ease. More than that, it felt liberating to exist in this new-ish body, to bear it in a semi-public way (in front of a dozen strangers), and feel completely safe and comfortable.

The PUMA x MAC Collaboration of Your Dreams Is Coming


On Saturday, MAC announced their next collaboration, dropping the news on Instagram that PUMAxMAC is coming in 2018. Fans of both brands will likely be ecstatic, especially as Rihanna’s Fenty x PUMA collaboration has been such a success.

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MAC posted the somewhat cryptic message: “Your favorite hues take a big step in a whole new direction! Stay tuned for a kickin’ collaboration, coming soon. #PUMAxMAC #ForAllTime @Puma @PumaSportStyle.”

Understandably, the internet has already spoken:

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But we’ll all just have to be patient and wait to hear more about PUMAxMAC, and whatever that dream collaboration might actually entail.

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